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How to Attract Traffic to Your Site Using Video Marketing

So, you have completed your website and are ready to get a huge amount of visitors to your site to read, or watch your great content. RIGHT! Not so fast… After you have put weeks or maybe months building your site you still have an important task to complete. You have to create a marketing plan to attract visitors to your site. But, how do you attract visitors in the most effective way. One of the most effective marketing methods is to use video marketing. You can attract huge amounts of traffic by creating and publishing your videos online.

Video publishing sites like YouTube could help you advertise your site. But before you start uploading videos to market your site there are a couple of things you should keep in mind with creating your next video.

1. Create videos that are 5 minutes or less. There is a better chance that a viewer will watch the complete video if you keep it under 5 minutes.

2. Present a single idea or concept with enough detail to keep the viewers interested. If you provide too much information or get too specific there is a chance that your viewers loose interest, get bored and leave the video.

3. When creating the script for your video have in mind that the main purpose of is to create curiosity and interest in what you have to say or sell in your website. Think of ways your video can motivate your audience to click the link to your site.

4. Ask your audience to respond with comments. Sites like YouTube provide ways to allow your audience to make comments about your content. This is another way to engage with your audience that could be very fruitful.

5. Use the most popular free publishing sites like YouTube. In addition to YouTube, there are dozens of other free video publishing sites on the net. Pick the top 5 sites and publish your videos on all of them.

6. Ask your audience to subscribe. Subscriptions are a great way to build your list. At the end of the video you should always ask your audience to subscribe.

7. Create and post your videos regularly. Uploading videos regularly makes your video channel more noticeable. Active video channels are more attractive to visitors. Staying current with the content of your site is also important when creating a video marketing campaign.

8. Encourage your viewers to share your video with others. Video sharing could increase your exposure tremendously.

9. Keep track of your viewers and subscribers. Review the video statistics provided by the video publishing site and determine which are the most popular videos. Consider creating new videos that expand or update the information provided in those videos. If the content is interesting, the audience of these popular videos will come back for more.

10. Keep it interesting. Don’t post boring and uninspiring videos.

11. Make sure the audio of your video is loud and clear. I can tell you that, from experience viewers hate videos with bad audio.

12. Make sure that your front page or landing page provides a good transition between the video subject and the content provided in this page. If the visitor finds that the content on the landing page has NOTHING to do with the content provided in the video chances are that they will leave never to come back.

Marketing your site using videos is one of the best ways to get lots of traffic without spending a lot of money but remember to:

  • keep your videos under 5 minutes
  • provide interesting content
  • make sure your audio is loud and clear
  • provide fresh content regularly
  • invite your client to visit your site
  • provide consistency between the video subject and the landing page of your site.

Good Luck with your video marketing!